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Ontario coronavirus cases supposedly ‘out of control,’ but only 0.15% testing positive

By Kenton Biffert

(LifeSiteNews) – Putting the entire province into a “grey-zone” or lockdown wasn’t strict enough, claim the scientists of the Ontario’s Science Table. This advisory team is claiming that the alleged “third wave” of the Wuhan coronavirus driven by new “variants” is “out of control.”

In order to prevent the spring blossoming of human relationships, family barbeques, outdoor sports, celebrating, and worshiping together, Premier Doug Ford has acquiesced to his advisory team and increased the restrictions to such a degree that people cannot even purchase thread to fix their clothing in Walmart.

In the Science Table’s latest update on COVID-19 projections they found that in 22 health regions the average weekly cases of the coronavirus in the last two weeks of March were around 50 persons out of 100,000, which equates to 0.05% of the population in those areas testing positive.

In the other Ontario health regions, they report six regions to be around 100 persons out of 100,000 (0.1% of the population); three were around 150 persons (0.15%). Ford’s Team reported on weekly positive cases, but provided no information showing how many of the “cases” were resolved weekly, considered minor, resulted in hospitalization, or were critical or mortal.


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