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Tax Dollars & Profits – Diversity for Thee

Postmedia back to profit

Postmedia swings to $700,000 profit despite 21% drop in revenue

The owner of Canada’s largest group of newspapers says it earned $700,000 in net profits in its second quarter, an improvement from the same time a year before despite a 21-per-cent revenue decline.

Toronto-based Postmedia Network Canada Corp., publisher of the National Post and other daily newspapers, says its revenue for the three months ended Feb. 28 was $106 million, down from $134.2 million a year earlier — before the economic impact of COVID-19 was a major factor.

Postmedia says this year’s second-quarter profit compared with a year-earlier net loss of $12.8 million.

Flush with cash: Vancouver’s $645,000 public toilet raises eyebrows

Other B.C. municipalities have installed a similar outdoor public toilet for a third of the cost

With a $645,000 price tag, the outdoor public toilet planned for Vancouver’s Coopers’ Park might be the Cadillac of loos.

It has critics wondering how a single public toilet could rival a small home in terms of building costs, particularly since other B.C. municipalities have installed similar facilities for a third of the price.

Tucker Carlson: ‘It Is Never True That Diversity Is Your Strength’

“So, I just asked the obvious question, ‘Is diversity our strength?’” said Tucker Carlson to Ben Shapiro. “And of course, like so much they say, it’s not only untrue, it’s the opposite of what is true. It is never true that diversity is your strength. I’m for all kinds of diversity, but they’re not our strengths. In other words, is it true in your marriage the less you have in common with your wife, the stronger your marriage is? ‘We don’t even speak the same language. That’s why we love each other so much.’”

Trudeau Confirms He’s All-In On ‘Great Reset’, Communist Agenda for Canada

Justin Trudeau confirmed he’s signing Canadians up for the communist agenda known as ‘The Great Reset’.

In a September video conference for the United Nations, Trudeau declared Canada’s participation in the ‘Reset’ and the U.N. 2030 initiative. While the video is more than a month old, Trudeau’s comments went mainstream this weekend after a twitter user highlighted the controversial statement.

How Trudeau’s Diversity Agenda Has Resulted In DIVIDING CANADIANS

There is great irony in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “Diversity Is Our Strength” proclamation to the citizens of Canada. In basic terms, Cultural Action Party of Canada do not believe this to be the case, and we will hereby explain why. The phenomenon began in the year 1971. The prime minister of the day was Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

With an intrinsic connection established between multiculturalism and immigration policy, we begin to probe the details– a practice which mainstream media have eschewed since the ideology was instituted. This in itself brings about dubious conclusions.

Trudeau’s Multiculturalism “HARMING Canada” Says Muslim-Canadian Journalist

“Unfortunately, when multiculturalism becomes the foundation of politics, the very essence of debate gets relegated from the common good of the country to the medieval instinct OF THE TRIBE.”

What!? Who made this statement– the leader of a white supremacy party in Canada? Not at all–these words come from Tarek Fatah, conservative Muslim and Canadian social critic.

Higher Calling
To improve our schools, we need to make it harder to become a teacher.

So far this month in education news, a California court has decimated rigid job protections for teachers, and Oklahoma’s governor has abolished the most rigorous learning standards that state has ever had. Back and forth we go in America’s exhausting tug-of-war over schools—local versus federal control, union versus management, us versus them.

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