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No More Monarchy – Zero Clue Trudeau

Abolishing the monarchy in Canada would be ‘enormously difficult,’ experts say

Canada first became part of the British Commonwealth in 1931 as an independent state, and remains one of 54 Commonwealth nations to this day. The country is considered a constitutional monarchy, a system which allows the monarch — in this case, Queen Elizabeth II — to exercise power in accordance with Canada’s Constitution.

Why Canada Should Ditch the Monarchy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

While she seems like a lovely woman, the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is merely a figurehead of the 16 sovereign states she “rules” over.

As titular head of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Canadian government and each provincial government, she “rules” over parliamentary democracy and our constitutional monarchy.

So How Stupid Is Justin Trudeau?

Perhaps the Question Asked in the Headline can be Answered by the Following . . .

Justin Trudeau Is No More Stupid Than The People Who Voted For Him.

Trudeau’s Father . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Famous for trying to Stick it to the Americans. And in Senior Trudeau’s LEFTIST Philosophy . . . He Adored Castro, tried Desperately to make Trade Agreements with the Europeans, South Americans & Arabs, in Place of the United States of America.

In Short . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was such a Disaster for Canada, that much like the Nightmare Obama has left for America, Pierre Elliott Trudeau left an even Worse & More Sustaining Nightmare Legacy for Canada.

Top Stupid Things Trudeau said in 2020

Canadians have become accustomed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s penchant for verbal gaffes and ridiculous remarks – and 2020 was no different.

2020 was another year full of missteps, gaffes and embarrassing moments that made all Canadians cringe.

Here is my list of the top Stupid Things Trudeau Said in 2020:

Workers at baby formula plant claim harassment by managers

Workers who said they feared for their physical safety on the job report their mental health suffered as well

Employees at the Canada Royal Milk plant in Kingston, Ont., say management treated them like “minions” by denying them safety gear that fit, harassing employees by accusing them of being “overpaid” and less industrious than workers in China and — in one instance — making physical contact with a worker during a heated dispute.

Efforts to organize and certify a union with the United Food and Commercial Workers have been tied up in hearings for the past year, while employee turnover at the plant in its early months of operations was constant.

261 Transgender Prisoners Request Transfer Under California Law; 255 to Women’s Prison

Two-hundred sixty-one California state prisoners have requested transfers to facilities that house the opposite gender since a new law went into effect on Jan. 1 — and 255 of them have requested to move from a male to a female corrections facility.


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