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Liberal Censorship – Pack The Court

MPs receiving THOUSANDS of angry emails over Trudeau Liberals’ internet censorship bill

A Canadian internet advocacy group handed over thousands of emails protesting the Trudeau Liberals’ bill to drastically change the face of YouTube in Canada, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Bill C-10 has riled up Canadians, with even former commissioner of the CRTC Peter Menzies calling the bill an infringement on free expression and an assault on democracy.

“It’s difficult to contemplate the levels of moral hubris, incompetence or both that would lead people to believe such an infringement of rights is justifiable,” said Menzies to the National Post.

Tired of YouTube Censorship? Check Out These Alternatives

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If you’re tired of putting up with YouTube’s practices, as both a creator and a consumer, check out some of these promising up-and-coming alternatives.

YouTube quietly launches new ‘CENSORSHIP’ scheme designed to ‘limit’ access to videos

YOUTUBE has been accused of censorship after introducing a controversial new policy designed to reduce the audience for videos deemed to be “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences”.

The Google-owned video site is now putting videos into a “limited state” if they are deemed controversial enough to be considered objectionable, but not hateful, pornographic or violent enough to be banned altogether.

Biden’s atrocious opening to packing the Supreme Court

Packing the Supreme Court is a terrible idea and always has been. President Franklin Roosevelt sought to enlarge the court simply so he could appoint a majority of the justices. He failed badly because even his own party recoiled at the naked effort to end the Constitution’s checks on his power.

So it’s obscene that President Joe Biden is even entertaining the move now.

The Horrifying Consequences of ‘Packing the Court’

To fill the vacancy left on the U.S. Supreme Court by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg President Donald Trump will announce his nomination on Saturday, September 26. Judge Amy Coney Barret is considered to be the front-runner. Democrats have threatened to shake up the system with a plan to ‘pack the court’ should President Trump and Senate leaders act on their Constitutional authority, promising payback for what happened during President Obama’s term. But let’s set the record straight.

Legislation Introduced To Fire Dr. Fauci And Ban Vaccine Passports

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced two pieces of legislation called the ‘Fire Fauci Act’ and the ‘We Will Not Comply Act.’

The ‘Fire Fauci’ Act would cut the salary of Dr. Fauci to $0 until a new National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) administrator is confirmed by the Senate.

The Incompetent And Criminal Anthony Fauci

As I’ve pointed out before, the SARS-CoC-2 virus began at Fort Detrick, with research on gain of function (GoF) being performed at the University of North Carolina between a professor there and the woman who managed the Wuhan institute of virology. From there the research went to Harvard, and from there to Canada, where after more research the woman managed to spirit off with the genetic material and the knowledge on making these awful little monsters. The RCMP opened an investigation of the matter.

Justin Trudeau: Maybe he is just really, really stupid

Most Canadians who do not spend their evenings drinking the Liberal Party Kool Aid do not like the way Justin Trudeau is running the country. They realize as leaders and politicians go, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But it is possible even these people are actually overestimating his intelligence. As far as his mental abilities are concerned, he is probably a lot worse than most of us think he is.

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