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Ambulance Arrives on Scene at CIA Headquarters After Reporters Hear 13 “Loud Bangs” Following Security Incident

By Cristina Laila

A security incident prompted a lockdown at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia on Monday.

NBC reported that an intruder tried to drive into the CIA facility without access.

Armed guards stopped the intruder and CIA security officers were negotiating with the person who remained in their vehicle.

“A Fairfax police spokesman confirms that there is some sort of security incident ongoing at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia at the fortified gate off a main road called Route 123,” MSNBC reporter Ken Dilanian. “And here’s what we’ve been able to gather from a number of officials it appears that an intruder approached the guarded gate and tried to seek unauthorized access and that the CIA may still be negotiating with that individual inside their vehicle.”


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