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VICE Interviews American-Israeli Settler Jacob Fauci Of “If I Don’t Steal It Someone Else Is Going To” Fame

Chris Menahan

VICE has managed to snag an interview with Jacob Fauci, a Jewish New Yorker from Long Island who went viral for telling a Palestinian woman complaining about him stealing her home that “If I don’t steal it someone else is going to steal it.”

On Wednesday, VICE released an piece with both Fauci and the woman having her home stolen in Sheikh Jarrah.

Fauci told VICE he was “chosen” by a US-based group, Nahalat Shimon International, to occupy the home and “make sure that this neighborhood is not lost in any future peace deal.”

He refused to say whether he paid rent to live in the home. It seemed to be implied that NSI is actually paying him just to occupy their land.

Fauci said that whether he or a “giraffe” or a “monkey” lives in the house Palestinians are “not coming back into this house ever.”


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