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Knowledge Is Power When the World Falls Into Hysteria Responding to Events Like COVID, Climate Change, and CRT

By Joe Hoft

Guest post by Bob Bishop

Mass psychosis is an insanity epidemic that occurs when a large segment of society loses reality and descends into delusions. 

Mass psychosis can arise when a large part of society views themselves as irrelevant and impotent, failing to control their lives. These debilitated individuals are vulnerable to collective ideologies and mass movements promoted by the rise of State tyranny. The State fosters neuroticism and nihilism to control the masses while pushing out Christianity that provides reason and common decency.

In America’s history, the most notorious and famous mass hysteria was the 1692 Salem witch trials costing nineteen lives while dozens languished in jail. The moral lesson is politicized group-think, misinformation, coercion, scapegoating, and fear-mongering that create mass hysteria applicable to today’s contemporary events.

The Ideologues sow societal fear so the government can solve it, a divide and prosper strategy. Tactics that advance their totalitarian vision. Below are some examples of this that we are living through now.

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