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The Biggest Source Of ‘Misinformation,’ Lies, And Delusion Is Leftist Corporate Media

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Why would people believe so-called misinformation? It’s a pivotal question, and the left can’t bring themselves to answer it because it damns them.

Talking heads throughout the Democrat establishment and corporate media echo chamber are all saying the same thing: People are dying, it’s Facebook’s fault, and left-of-center politicians must save the day by “helping” to quiet views that threaten their messaging monolith.

Joe Biden says Facebook is “killing people.” Sen. Amy Klobuchar says people aren’t getting vaccinated “because they’ve gotten something off of social media.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki insists it’s information on Facebook “that is leading to people not taking the vaccine, and people are dying as a result.” Don Lemon asserts, “Misinformation is killing us and our democracy.”

But why? Why are people looking to unconventional sources for their coronavirus cues? How is a Facebook meme more persuasive than health agency guidelines or a presidential press conference? Setting aside the obvious problems with Big Tech censorship and Facebook operating as an extension of the federal government’s PR arm, these are questions that need to be asked.

CNN host Brian Stelter, known for his Russia hoaxing and regular meltdowns over whatever Fox News happens to be doing, actually offered an apt observation. “Disbelief about election results, distrust of public health officials, disregard for democratic principles — it’s all connected,” Stelter wrote with Oliver Darcy in their Thursday newsletter.


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