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Health Minister Admits Covid Vaccines Do NOT Work – Have Ulterior Motive

By Bart Sibrel | Natural News Blogs

In a recently published article by RT, the Health Minister of Pakistan just said the following . . .

“The Government cannot allow individuals who do not want to get vaccinated to risk the lives of those who are already vaccinated.”

Do you see the HIDDEN TRUTH here in PLAIN SIGHT ?

IF Covid vaccines worked, then the Vaccinated would NOT be at risk from the un-vaccinated.

Firstly, this is an open admission from a National Health Minister that Covid vaccines do NOT work. Secondly, as the Health Minister just admitted that Covid vaccines do NOT work (as they just said that the VACCINATED are put at risk by the UN-Vaccinated) then they are also thereby admitting that there is an Ulterior Motive for coercing and blackmailing Healthy people to be injected with m-RNA Gene Therapy (Covid shots), which are being very deceitfully called a “vaccine“, which they are not at all. If Covid injections are so delightfully wonderful, then why are people being fined and fired for not taking them? What has happened to our world when a person has a right to kill a baby because the baby is inside of them (“my body – my choice“), yet does not have a right to “my body – my choice” with what they put inside of them, to the point where they are fired from their job and cannot make money for food and shelter if they do not comply against their will to foreign substances being injected inside of them? How in the world did such a thing become normal?

The simple fact is, if the Covid m-RNA Gene Therapy injections work to prevent Covid, then someone else does not have to be injected with it to protect a person who has been injected with it.

According to m-RNA Gene Therapy (covid m-RNA shots) is an EXPERIMENTAL treatment only to be used on DYING people, when the severe risks of m-RNA Gene Therapy are irrelevant because the patient is already dying. The risks of m-RNA Gene Therapy (which is very falsely being called a Covid “vaccine“) are listed at and they include, “Harmful Immune Reaction” (AIDS) and “DNA Mutations“. Firstly, this is why people who receive Covid m-RNA Gene Therapy injections are testing positive for AIDS after they receive them (not just because the shot contains HIV proteins . . . Smart, right?) Secondly, those who say m-RNA Gene Therapy injections cannot alter your DNA only have to go to This Link to see that they have just been caught lying, or are tremendously misinformed or deceived, as this link clearly says that one of the many possible lethal side-effects of m-RNA injections (Covid m-RNA shots) are DNA Mutations. By the way, m-RNA injections are IRREVERSIBLE.Whatever consequences they cause, cannot be undone. Quite bold for an m-RNA Gene Therapy injection that has never been used on the public before and that has had zero studies conducted about its long term effects.

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