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Locals furious after enormous VA, West VA, Maryland health system mandates coronavirus vaccine for workers

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Valley Health has over 100 locations in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

(LifeSiteNews) – A giant health service provider with over 100 locations in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland is mandating COVID-19 injections for employees, despite opposition efforts to prevent the move and amidst anger from local citizens.

Valley Health announced that as of November 1, it would require all of its “employees, medical staff members, and contractors” to receive the COVID-19 injection, despite the injection still being only under Emergency Use Authorization. The health service provider has been described as having a “monopoly” on health care in the Shenandoah Valley and some of eastern West Virginia, being the parent company of six hospitals – Winchester Medical Center, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, Warren Memorial Hospital, Hampshire Memorial Hospital, Page Memorial Hospital, and War Memorial Hospital – and dozens of urgent care clinics and doctors’ offices.

A screenshot of Valley Health’s website shows just how many locations the health corporation owns SOURCE: / screenshot

While all current employees have until November to receive the injection, any new employees are bound by the new policy with immediate effect, having to be fully vaccinated before commencing work.

Staff who are “managers or above” as well as “medical staff members” are to either provide proof of their complete vaccination, or have their first injection by August 16. The remaining existing staff have until October 1 to receive their first injection, and complete the course by November 1.

Valley Health states that it is allowing staff to “apply for an exemption” if they are unable to take the injection for medical or religious reasons, but promises only to “carefully and confidentially” assess each such application.

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