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Organized Theft – Fauci Masks – Polls Are For Strippers

Organized gangs of thieves hit retailers hard

When state and federal law enforcement officers in June recovered more than $5.5 million in stolen goods and arrested 17 suspected members of a Bay Area shoplifting crime ring, it was clear it was more than a typical shoplifting bust.

Two armed robbers attempted to hold up a news crew and, ironically, the violence prevention chief of Oakland, California, only hours after the city’s police chief warned of worsening crime amid police budget cuts.

The two suspects approached the television crew as they were conducting an interview with the violence prevention chief, Guillermo Cespedes, outside City Hall on Monday morning. A scuffle ensued after the two attempted to steal the crew’s camera. An armed security guard eventually stepped in and the suspects fled. There were no injuries reported.

The two suspects are “still outstanding,” according to police.

Fauci Blasted for Saying Kids Over 2-Years-Old Should Be Forced to Wear Masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said that he believes that kids over 2-years-old should be forced to wear masks. The outrage has grown from parents fed up with the mask mandates and the crazy demands from Dr. Fauci. Calls for him to be fired or resign are increasing, especially after this latest comment.

Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging

Children do not readily acquire SARS-CoV-2 (very low risk), spread it to other children or teachers, or endanger parents or others at home. This is the settled science. In the rare cases where a child contracts Covid virus it is very unusual for the child to get severely ill or die.

Trudeau accusor lands a seven-figure NDA to keep quiet about West Grey departure

The Chronicle is told that the two engaged in a months-long affair beginning in the summer of 2000, both on and off-campus.

That non-disclosure and an accompanying non-disparagement agreement were signed last night, according to the source, for more than $2.25 million CDN.

The real scandal is how Justin Trudeau’s four ethics violations carry no punishment

Canada’s prime minister was found guilty of violating four sections of the Conflict of Interest Act governing public office holders, stemming from two 2016 vacations on Bell’s Cay, a private island in the Bahamas owned by the Aga Khan.

All The Times Trudeau Was An Embarrassment To Canada In 2018

Justin Trudeau ridiculed for ‘EMBARRASSING’ Canada by wearing Indian ‘wedding outfit’

Justin Trudeau’s Blackface Photos Force Reckoning On Canada’s Global Image

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carefully crafted public image as a global leader in inclusiveness and multiculturalism was swiftly shattered Wednesday night when a racist photo of him smiling in brownface and a turban went public.

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