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“Big Brother is a Bunch of Woke Billionaires in T-Shirts and Sneakers Imposing their Millennial Activism on the World”

by Richard Abelson

Sky News host Chris Kenny blasted YouTube’s decision to suspend content from Sky News Australia as “cancel culture writ large.”

“This is censorship. This is a gigantic global corporation, YouTube is owned by Google, one of the largest digital giants, worth well over one trillion dollars … censoring the news and views that Australians can see… This is a sad day for freedom of speech.”

“The idea that a foreign owned multi-national digital giant can silence an Australian news service on these spurious grounds is absolutely frightening for freedom of speech, ” he said.

“Obviously they have an agenda here, these are the sort of woke digital giants based in Silicon Valley in California. It is disgusting and frightening.”

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