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NY AG finds Cuomo sexually harassed women, fostered a toxic workplace, bullied, retaliated

By M. Dowling

New York Attorney General Letitia James found that Andrew Cuomo did indeed sexually harass women. There are 11 complainants but Cuomo apparently established a pattern of it beyond the 11. He touched women’s most private body parts, and it wasn’t just employees in the executive office.

A trooper was a victim. He touched the same trooper from her chest to where she kept her gun. Cuomo had a habit of touching breasts and hugging inappropriately.

James said he fostered a toxic workplace.

He engaged in bullying, harassment, and retaliation.  The women were terrified to speak out. One was afraid she’d lose her job.

They found his behavior was “unlawful sex-based harassment.” They also find he retaliated unlawfully against Ms. Boylan.

He’s also guilty of killing elderly nursing home residents, but they didn’t investigate that.

There are no punishments attached to this, but women can bring civil suits. The eleven women will hit his pocketbook. In any case, it should be the end of his career, but the media, Democrats and Biden have largely stuck by him.

NY taxpayers probably have to pay for his legal defense.



Janice Dean doesn’t care who brings him down.




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