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PM Trudeau chased out of town by crowd: ‘You monster! You ruined families!’

by Jack Bingham

WHITE ROCK, B.C. (LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s Prime Minister was chased out of a town in British Columbia this week.

A swarm of angry Canadians in the electoral district of South Surrey- White Rock shouted their disapproval at Justin Trudeau on a residential street this Monday because of his support for vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and other draconian measures taken in response to COVID-19.

Trudeau is on the campaign trail, seeking re-election.

Video footage of the confrontation in Surrey-area White Rock, which contains expletives and strong language, shows a masked Trudeau, surrounded by a team of police bodyguards, walking and waving while the crowd responds with loud boos and critical shouts.

“You monster! You ruined families! You’re responsible for death! There’s blood on your hands!” shouted one of the Canadians.

“Your employees don’t want to get the vax!” another man added.

In the video, dozens of people can be seen following Trudeau as a fleet of officers help him escape the town, with one man saying, “Look at this, chased out of Surrey.”

“Nobody wants you here, you monster! How many jabs? How many boosters?” one man demanded.

“Are you proud of the two-tier society you’re responsible for?” a voice in the distance inquired.

“I thought you were against segregation,” stated another.


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