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Third Circuit Delivers Win For Second Amendment In Gun Range Case

By Cam Edwards

A Pennsylvania town’s restrictive rules for gun ranges can face a Second Amendment challenge, thanks to a unanimous decision by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals handed down on Tuesday. The case, known as Drummond v. Robinson Township, revolves around zoning requirements and restrictions put in place by the township several years ago, after the Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club was purchased by William Drummond.

Those new rules included two specific restrictions; one on the type of activity allowed on the 265 acres owned by the club, and the other focusing on the for-profit status of the club.

The Rim-Fire Rifle Rule: Whereas the old version of the ordinance allowed Sportsman’s Clubs to organize center-fire rifle practice (as did Drummond’s lease), the new version limits Clubs to “pistol range, skeet shoot, trap and skeet, and rimfire rifle” practice.

The Non-Profit Ownership Rule: In contrast to prior rules, which did not distinguish between for profit and non-profit entities, the ordinance now defines a “Sportsman’s Club” as a “nonprofit entity formed for conservation of wildlife or game, and to provide members with opportunities for hunting, fishing or shooting.”

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