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Fauci Scrambles to Defend Joe Biden’s Confusing Messaging on Boosters After FDA Declines Approval

By Cristina Laila

Dr. Fauci scrambled to defend Joe Biden’s confusing messaging on Covid boosters after the FDA declined approval last week.

Fauci appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday and told host Jake Tapper that Biden didn’t make a mistake when he prematurely announced Covid boosters would become available starting September 20, 2021.

Jake Tapper played a clip of Biden telling Americans Covid boosters would be available pending FDA approval during the week of September 20.

“The FDA’s former chief scientist told CNN Friday that Biden was making that announcement ahead of time. Before the FDA and the CDC made theirs was quote, ‘Backwards and not helpful and at the very least,’ even though he did say appending approval. This is causing more confusion. Was it a mistake for the president to announce this before the FDA and CDC issued their guidance?” Jake Tapper asked Fauci.

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