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Australian Health Officer Finally Admits That Covid Restrictions Should Be Permanent


The medical tyrants, the latest models of puppets from which our globalist overlords exert their influence, have always found new reasons for extending lockdown measures of some kind in order to gain more political power. However, they have always managed not to give the ultimate game away. That is, until now.

According to Summit News, the Health Minister of the Australian state of New South Wales finally admitted that lockdown measures would continue to some degree and form indefinitely as new post-covid normal. The Health Minister, Kerry Chant, had already gained some notoriety when she advised against neighbors starting a conversation if they bump into each other at the supermarket, regardless of their vaccination status. Now, she has given her medical tyrant credentials another stupendous addition by finally admitting that she believes that the pre-covid world is a permanent thing of the past and not something that can ever be returned to.

The face of Australian medical tyranny.

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