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Who Am I – Why I do What I do

Brian Lovig is the host of which has become a hugely popular online voice of reason
and of old fashioned good sense.

Brian Lovig has been a business owner, tv personality, rodeo rider, developer and auctioneer. He was even a milkman once, soon after he left school in grade 8.

Brian Lovig has done a lot. And he’s learned a lot, about people, business and country.

He is passionate and vocal about free enterprise and politics, Brian demands to hear and speak the truth. And that’s why you’ll never see him run for public office. Brian Lovig represents the “right” side, for the people. He says what many are simply too frightened to say. Brian calls his show politically right and that the term politically incorrect is well, just a dumb way to describe things. And he often says that politically, right is right and left is wrong.

Brian Lovigs’ is the epicenter of Brian’s fight for the right. Capitalism, gun rights, to personal freedoms and rights.

Brian brings his no-holds barred right wing personal opinions and facts to people on the internet every day. His
comments and topics are mostly about Canadian and American issues and are enjoyed by people from all areas of the world every day.

Born in small town Alberta, Canada and raised by enterprising parents, Brian learned from a young age how to thrive as a right wing capitalist. He grew up buying and selling land, livestock and businesses.

From owning millions of dollars’ worth of property, to harnessing his creativity with slogan development for famous names including Spitz Sunflower Seeds, Rice Krispies and Rainbow Chip Cookies Brian has yet to set a limit on his endeavors.

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