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Former Connecticut “Teacher Of The Year” Faces Termination For Opposing Medical Tyranny


Connecticut has benefited greatly from being right next to the rigged casino most commonly known as Wall Street, so much so that 2 in 5 Millennials in the Constitution State still live with their parents, giving the state the second-highest average age of first marriage at a whopping 31.5 years. But instead of finding ways to tackle this ultimately existential issue, the Democrat Governor Ned Lamont has decreed in August that all school teachers, school staff, and childcare workers were to surrender their bodily autonomy as a condition of their employment. This draconian measure seems to be destined to claim a very high-profile victim.

According to The Epoch Times, this high-profile potential casualty comes in the form of former “teacher of the year” Rasheim Outlaw, a physical education teacher at Lyman High School in Wallingford, Connecticut. Outlaw describes himself as an “Enthusiastic Physical Education & Health Instructor, Passionate Husband & Father, Spiritual Seeker, Lifelong Learner” and is refusing not only to receive the hastily-approved injection but is also taking a stand against mandatory weekly testing.

“I’m a personal advocate, a big advocate, for personal health and the choices that we make with our medicine and with our medical procedures and therefore I believe it’s my own choice on how to maintain that and how to manage it,” Outlaw said during an interview with the Donlon Report.

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