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From the Streets of Victoria, Australia: “We Are Now in Deep Trouble Here … This Is a Fight for Our Souls and Our Humanity.”

Op-Ed by Nelleus, Truth Comes to Light

We are nearing the mid-point in October 2021 and I think we are now in deep trouble here.

What can I say? It’s insanity. The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Never, ever have I seen anything like this in Australia, let alone Melbourne, including the behaviour and disjointed dialogue from the criminals masquerading as police.

Hardened criminals can be more articulate in their verbal communication than Australian police.  These people are so out of control that they are unable to speak properly when barking orders.

It makes me wonder: Have they been fully vaccinated and now have totally lost their minds? Or is this the way these types of people behave when they know that they are inflicting pure evil on innocent and vulnerable people?

These are clearly criminals, committing criminal acts on the people, and it’s now “Helter Skelter”.

We understand that this is a fight for our souls and our humanity, both in a personal sense and for humanity’s survival as a race.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks with far-reaching implications for us that we will need to attend to.

The facist regime in Victoria announced at 11:59pm October 7, 2021 that the majority of the workforce in Victoria must have their first vaccination and second vaccination on dates ranging from October 10, 2021 to October 26, 2021,  depending on their occupation.

A letter was sent to employers telling them that by October 15, 2021 they were to go around to every employee, with a  “Stasi”- style ledger,  and record which staff members were vaccinated and those who were not. If the employee’s vaccination status was not determined, then they were to be recorded as unvaccinated. If unvaccinated employees have not had their first vaccination by October 22, 2021, or have not made an appointment to do so, then they are fined $5000.00AUD. The employer is fined $50,000.00AUD if they fail to sack the employee.


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