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No Compromise Organization in Colorado Acquires Court Victory Against Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order

Gun owners in Colorado scored a solid victory in court on November 10, 2021.

That day the Colorado Court of Appeals took a major swipe at the state’s controversial “Red Flag” gun confiscation order, which was passed in 2019. Under red flag gun confiscation orders, individuals can have their firearms confiscated on the mere suspicion of allegedly posing a threat to others without any form of due process.

The Court of Appeals remanded the case back down to the district for additional deliberation.

The RMGO legal team expects this case to be challenged one more time in District Court. In addition, the legal team is optimistic about their chances to repeal the red flag gun confiscation order in light of this ruling.

RMGO’s lawyers have even called the prospects of repealing red flag gun confiscation orders a “slam dunk.”


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