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Trump’s New Media – Climate Nonsense

Trump’s New Social Media Business Is Worth An Estimated $10 Billion

The Trump Media and Technology Group hasn’t done much yet. Investors still seem to think it’s worth about four times as much as everything else Donald Trump owns.
Over the course of 75 years, Donald Trump amassed a pile of assets—skyscrapers, hotels, golf courses and so on—worth an estimated $2.5 billion, after subtracting debt. Then, in practically no time at all, he conjured up a new business, the Trump Media and Technology Group, which hasn’t done much yet but plans to launch a social media company and various other ventures. Investors are already suggesting it’s worth about $10 billion.

President Trump Sends Out the “Mother of All Statements” and Drives Liberals Batty

Even though social media has fought tooth and nail to silence Trump, he still finds a way to worm himself in.

He recently just released a statement and boy, oh boy is it a doozy.
Trump absolutely shreds Biden and his ever-growing list of issues and then drives the media nuts by asking if they miss him yet.

Classic Trump, right? Check it out:

B.C. floods: The province had been warned natural disasters would hit more often, and it was not prepared

In 2017, the year John Horgan and the New Democratic Party formed government in B.C., the urgency of preparing for climate change was laid bare. Rainstorms on top of snow melt brought unprecedented flooding in the Okanagan in the spring. Months later, the province was in the grips of one of the worst wildfire seasons in British Columbia’s history. The amount of land burned was – here’s that word again –unprecedented.

Climate Change is Real. Global Warming is a Hoax.

What has been the temperature trend in the last 10.000 years? What does it mean Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum? Is the global atmospheric CO2 really causing the Earth to warm? From where does the 97% claim, which stated that global warming is real, man-made and dangerous, came from? Are we really living in a global warming time?
Global Trends in Tropical Storms

In today’s world, it’s unlikely for you to hear about powerful storms and hurricanes without scientists blaming it on climate change. The truth is that man-made warming does not cause hurricanes. In fact, before hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, the United States was actually in a 12-year hurricane drought.

Stop the pronoun craziness

This is a message that the p.c. crowd — in the media, in the universities – needs to hear again and again, because they don’t get it, especially when a Presidential candidate (Warren) announces “her” pronouns on the debate stage, and a teacher is fired for not using the student’s preferred pronouns. It is not enough, the argument goes, to have pronouns of two genders, when there are so many other genders. We need more pronouns!

Can’t keep up

Along with pronoun enforcement, duplicitous, contemptible euphemisms, another key element of politically correct language, continue to proliferate. I can’t keep up.

The State of New York imposes obscene penalties for calling someone an “illegal alien.”

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