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Liberals & Total Control – Alternate Reality

Looking Backward on Socialism: Liberal Control Of Academia

“Looking Backward 2000-1887” was a socialist utopian science fiction story written by Edward Bellamy and published in 1888. John Taylor Gatto describes its influence in “An Underground History of American Education” writing:

The three most influential books ever published in North America, setting aside the Bible and The New England Primer, were all published in the years of the Utopian transformation of America which gave us government schooling: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly (1852), a book which testifies to the ancient obsession of English-speaking elites with the salvation of the under- classes; Ben-Hur (1880), a book illustrating the Christian belief that Jews can eventually be made to see the light of reason and converted; and the last a pure utopia, Looking Backward (1888), still in print more than one hundred years later, translated into thirty languages.

Four Characteristics of the Liberal Mind That Are Destroying Society

Conservatives often blame liberals for the breakdown in society today. After all, liberals challenged an order that existed and replaced it with a situation that is now unraveling.

This unraveling can be traced to the efforts of liberal activists to influence legislation and elections and to liberal control of the media that shape the debate.

The fragmented and polarized state of society is proof that something has gone terribly wrong.

Defining the Liberal Mindset

Gaslighting and the Left’s War on Reality

The word gaslighting has been popularized in psychology to describe a form of mental and emotional abuse in which a domineering person denies and contradicts the memories and perceptions of an intended victim until the victim begins to doubt his or her perception of reality. The word comes from the 1944 mystery film Gaslight, in which a woman’s husband tries to convince her that she is losing her mind and that the things she is experiencing – such as the gaslights in the house flickering and dimming – are not real.

Lefty Minnesota School Board Votes to Pay Black Teachers More Just Because They’re Black

A left-wing Minnesota school board voted to pay non-white teachers and employees more than whites just because they are not white people.

The Mankato, Minnesota, School Board voted to give “additional stipends” to non-white workers and for teachers to be segregated by race.

Trudeau calls unvaccinated Canadians ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists’ in unhinged interview

Prime Minister Trudeau maligned Canadians who are opposed to receiving the experimental COVID-19 gene-therapy injections as “extremists,” “racists,” and “misogynists” who deny science.

The September interview went viral on social media only late last month and has since attracted strong criticism from politicians and citizens alike.

14 signs Justin Trudeau is a closet racist who doesn’t like black and First Nations peoples

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes very eloquent speeches which are aimed at showing verbal support for Canada’s multiculturalism policy. However, over the years it has become apparent that our prime minister doesn’t seem to practice what he preaches when it comes to black people, with particular reference to ‘anti-black male’ racism and First Nations communities.

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