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Alberta gov’t scrubs data from official site showing spike in hospitalizations, deaths after COVID jab

by Kennedy Hall

The information disappeared after a January 13 article by journalist Alex Berenson.

(LifeSiteNews) – COVID-19 vaccine data showing a spike in post-jab deaths in Alberta was removed from the official government website. 

Author and journalist Alex Berenson was the first to circulate the news that the government of Alberta had removed online information showing curious correlations between deaths, hospitalizations, and the experimental COVID jab. 

On January 14, he wrote on his Substack: “The Canadian province of Alberta has censored data showing a huge increase in Covid infections and deaths in people following their first Covid vaccine dose.” 

He wrote this article after publishing the same information in a January 13 piece, only to find the Alberta website information taken down the next day. 

In this earlier article, entitled “Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose,” Berenson posted images of charts showing figures that represent a steep spike in deaths and hospitalizations within days and weeks after the first dose of the jab. 


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