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Ontario Premier Doug Ford may reintroduce mask mandates in the fall, source claims

by Kennedy Hall

The source said that lifting COVID policies is a ‘great vote winner.’

(LifeSiteNews) – According to anonymous source, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is prepared to reintroduce mandatory masking when the cold and flu season ramps up again in the fall.

According to Elect Conservatives, a source who was identified as a “staffer” for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (PC) revealed that the “long-term game plan” is to bring back masks when “seasonal infections rise again.”

There is a provincial election in Ontario in June, and the source said that lifting COVID policies is a “great vote winner.”

“[B]ut when winter rolls around, we’re kind of gonna be back to square one,” the source emphasized.

Last year both Alberta and Saskatchewan lifted almost all of their COVID measures, only to bring them back in the fall, whereas Ontario has never lifted the majority of its measures, until now.

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