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Ministry of Truth – Don Jr – Sheriff Approved

Critics slam timing of Biden’s ‘ministry of truth’ to police internet for ‘disinformation’

Conservatives on social media slammed the Biden administration after it was announced that a “Disinformation Governance Board” is being established to combat “disinformation” in the 2022 midterms.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified Wednesday that a Disinformation Governance Board had recently been created, days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased Twitter, to combat online disinformation and will be led by Undersecretary for Policy Rob Silvers and principal deputy general counsel Jennifer Gaskill.

Joe Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced this week that it has launched what is being dubbed a Disinformation Governance Board to combat “misinformation.”

No, really.

A government agency creating a “ministry of truth” to combat what it deems misinformation? And it’s going to fall under the leadership of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas? The guy presiding over the worst border crisis of our lifetimes, who publicly denies it is a crisis at all while privately admitting it is? Who better to give more responsibility in a democracy that largely rejects government intervention over free speech? What could possibly go wrong?

Donald Trump Jr. forms gun rights task force

Donald Trump Jr. is starting a new pro-Second Amendment group that will push back on Democrat gun control efforts.

According to a Fox News exclusive on Tuesday, Trump Jr. will serve as the chairman of the new group, dubbed the Second Amendment Task Force

“The Second Amendment is the whole ballgame; it’s the freedom that protects all of our other freedoms. Unfortunately the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are hellbent on eroding our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, whether it’s nominating radical gun-grabbers to senior positions in the executive branch or pushing anti-gun legislation,” Trump Jr. told the outlet. “The Second Amendment Task Force is entirely devoted to ensuring the Left is never successful in disarming American citizens.”

Sheriff Doubles Down, Says if Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder ‘Chances of Them Reoffending are Zero’

Bob Johnson, sheriff of Santa Rosa County in Florida, made headlines last week when he encouraged homeowners to shoot intruders. Some viewed it as “controversial.” Others, people with their heads not totally lodged up their rectums, viewed it as common sense. Sheriff Johnson had the opportunity to clarify or walk back his statement during a Fox News interview. Instead, he unloaded again.

‘Fictosexual’ man married hologram bride, but now struggles to bond with her

She’s not real — but his feelings are.

A “fictosexual” man who wed a fictional, computer-synthesized pop singer four years ago said he’s now unable to communicate with his wife, but is still in love with her.

Akihiko Kondo, 38, was dating Hatsune Miku — depicted in pop culture as a 16-year-old with turquoise hair — for a decade before they had an unofficial wedding ceremony in 2018. Kondo — one of many who identifies as “fictosexual,” or someone who is sexually attracted to fictional characters — spent 2 million yen, or about $17,300, on the nuptials, but his family did not attend.

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