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MP Leslyn Lewis vows to fight against Canadian internet censorship bills that become law

by Anthony Murdoch

Lewis says the true danger with Bill C-11 is that it ‘gives the government the ability to use technology as a means of social control.’

(LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party MP and leadership candidate Dr. Leslyn Lewis promised that if elected party leader and then Prime Minister she will repeal any internet censorship legislation being pushed by the Liberal Party that becomes law.

“A Lewis-led government will repeal C-11 and any other measure the Liberals put in place to try to control our thought and speech, and let Canadians go back to exercising the freedoms that already exist in our Charter,” Lewis wrote in a platform update posted to her campaign page over the weekend.

“I will restore a culture of respect for our constitution, our charter, and our inalienable gift of freedom.”

In recent weeks and months, the federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has brought forth legislation that has raised serious concerns for their apparent attack on both freedoms on the internet and in the press.

Both Bill C-11 and Bill C-18 seek to regulate the internet and force Big Tech companies to champion selected media outlets based on a special designation given by the federal government

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