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Judge sets Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich free from jail, declares previous ruling invalid

by Anthony Murdoch

A judge ordered Lich’s immediate release and after his ruling said, ‘Take those shackles off’ her.

(LifeSiteNews) – Canadian Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich will be set free from jail immediately after Ontario Superior Court Justice Andrew Goodman today granted her bail and criticized her earlier detainment under a ruling by a Justice of the Peace as invalid.

“Ms. Lich will be released from this court house today,” ruled Goodman, adding, “Ms. Lich is presumed to be innocent.”

Goodman told the court constable after he had made his ruling to “take those shackles off” Lich.

All of her previous bail conditions remain. She must not “verbally, in writing, financially, or by any other means, support anything related to the Freedom Convoy.” She is also mandated to reside in her home province of Alberta and cannot use social media.

Today, Goodman ruled that Lich’s risk to the community is “low” and that she is very unlikely to re-offend in terms of breaching her bail conditions.

“I find it highly unlikely that this 49-year-old accused with no criminal record … would face a potential lengthy term of imprisonment,” Goodman ruled.

Goodman stated that Lich, in his opinion, is a reasonable member of the community and that her release is not contrary to the justice system.

He noted that Lich has not been charged with inciting a riot or sedation and that her offenses are minor.

He also added that while he agrees that the Freedom Convoy was a nuisance to some Ottawa residents, it is not up to the courts to try and control the political views of citizens.

According to a Rebel News live tweet of the court bail hearing, Goodman ordered a new bail hearing after declaring the previous one under Justice of the Peace Paul Harris contained errors.

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