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Majority of Canadians want nothing to do with COVID vaccines, data suggests

  Mike Campbell

According to updated statistics released Tuesday, the vast majority of Canadians want nothing to do with the COVID vaccine.

Data shows 83% of Canadians have not received a COVID vaccine in six months or more.

Yet earlier this month, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommended people get vaccinated every 3-6 months. Dr. Theresa Tam held a press conference to share NACI’s guidance with Canadians. She masked up to say:

“Across Canada, as more people go beyond the six-month time lapse since their last vaccine dose or infection, population immunity is falling and leaving us all less protected.”

Therefore, according to government statistics and NACI’s definition, most Canadians are not “up-to-date” with their COVID vaccinations.

And the Trudeau Liberals are not happy about these stats.

Earlier this week, Trudeau threatened to take away Canadians’ freedoms unless they get vaccinated for a 1st or 5th time — whatever is “up-to-date” for them.

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