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Daylight Savings Time Is Racist


“It’s not that white adults don’t also experience a lack of sleep…”

We’ve tried and failed in every other possible way to get rid of daylight savings time.

Finally, CNN has come up with a tried-and-true method… call it racist.

The piece, published on Friday by CNN Health reporter Jacqueline Howard, argued that Daylight Savings Time often disrupts sleep, throws off people’s circadian rhythms and can contribute to general health problems. And since people of color have a higher number of health problems, this means observing Daylight Savings Time is more dangerous for them.

Everything disproportionately affects black people. That’s become a standard method for accusing everything from highways to the weather of being racist.

But it also has legal implications. A finding that daylight savings time disproportionately affects black people means that it’s racist and companies and organizations maintaining it either have to get rid of it or provide a separate time frame for black people.


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