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Canada’s deputy minister told military officials to prepare to ‘intervene’ against peaceful Freedom Convoy

by Anthony Murdoch

‘These plans considered the use of military equipment, infrastructure and deployment of [Canadian Armed Forces] members.’

(LifeSiteNews) – Recently revealed notes show Canadian military officials were told by government executives to stand at the ready to possibly intervene in the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.

The revelations come despite the Ontario Provincial Police along with Canadian intelligence officials saying that the Freedom Convoy protests did not constitute a serious threat.

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently admitted, while testifying before the Public Order Emergency Commission, that the Freedom Convoy was not violent.

As noted in a Canadian Press report, Canada’s Deputy Minister Bill Matthews along with top brass from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) were ready to assist by flying in police to various protests but said its tow trucks were too big and old to be used to clear out protesters’ vehicles.

The inside look into what government officials were planning came from comments made in an August interview between Matthews, Defence Department associate deputy minister Stefanie Beck, and lawyers involved in the Public Order Emergency Commission.

It was revealed that Matthews said to a CAF official that it should get ready “for the possibility that the CAF might be called out to intervene in the protests.”

“These plans considered the use of military equipment, infrastructure and deployment of CAF members,” he added.

Matthews along with Beck noted that the government said using the military could “inflame tensions with the protesters,” and was not that open to the idea.

The plans to use military intervention were not “seriously considered” according to Matthews and Beck, despite the fact they were drawn up.

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