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Feds awarded RCMP tech contract to Chinese-linked company banned in the US

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The Trudeau Liberals awarded a contract to a tech company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to build and maintain radio equipment for the RCMP.

Feds awarded tech contract for RCMP to Chinese-linked company banned in the US.

“It’s very frustrating, disappointing and worrisome,” said Jawad Abdulnour of Comprod, a Quebec-based company that lost in the bid for the contract.

“How is it that a government agency just goes with the lowest bidder and will give contracts to companies like that when we’re talking about national security?”

CBC reports that Sinclair Technologies was awarded the contract of $549,637 in October 2021. Sinclair’s parent company, Norsat, was purchased by Hytera Communications in 2017.

The CCP owns 10% of Hytera Communications, which operates out of Shenzen, China.

Sinclair Technologies has started installing radio technology in Ontario and Saskatchewan. The tech company declined to comment on whether its radio equipment contains parts made in China and if Hytera has access to the data from the radio frequencies, citing “customer confidentiality.”

The RCMP said it has no concerns, and security clearances are required for those with access to all relevant information, including radio frequencies.

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