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“I Gave It to Hannity in 2019, then John Solomon… Who Also Buried It”

By Joe Hoft

Rudy Giuliani Names Names of Those Who Ignored the Hunter Laptop Story

Rudy Giuliani was on with Newsmax this weekend and based on his review of the Hunter laptop in 2019, he knew Joe Biden was “a lifelong criminal”. We all do now thanks to Rudy.

Rudi Giuliani was on with Newsmax over the weekend where he discussed Hunter’s laptop.  He made some remarkable statements as he went through his efforts to get the word out on Hunter’s laptop.

Even former Trump administration Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was involved in burying the story on Joe Biden, Russia, Ukraine, and Hunter Biden’s laptop — which altered elections and skirted free speech and the law — former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax.

“I had this whole thing – let’s say half of it; certainly enough to prosecute — in 2019,” Giuliani told “Saturday Report,” saying he was waking up every morning thinking about how to reveal it all to Americans, including sharing the information with TV host Sean Hannity, Just the News’ John Solomon, and even Pompeo. “I gave it to Hannity in early 2019, then to John Solomon, then to Mike Pompeo, who also buried it.

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