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UK Civil Service Implements ‘Christmas’ and Alcohol Bans for Winter ‘Festive Celebrations’

by Peter Caddle

Britain’s woke civil service has banned many of its members from hosting “Christmas” parties, insisting that only alcohol-free “festive celebrations” are permissible instead.

The war on Christmas is alive and well in 2022, with parts of the UK’s ultra-woke civil service reportedly implementing a ban on the traditional end-of-year Christmas party, permitting its members to only host alcohol-free “festive celebrations” instead.

Such a ban comes shortly after British census data revealed that England and Wales are no longer Christian countries, with the number of believers amongst various denominations of the religion falling below 50 per cent of the total population across both nations.

According to a report by The Telegraph, while government-wide guidance has not been issued on the topic, a number of civil servants have been told by their seniors that they are forbidden from referring to end-of-year celebrations as “Christmas parties”, for fear that such a description may exclude those of different faiths.

One civil servant also claims that he was told to find a restaurant for his department’s party that does not serve alcohol seemingly in the hopes of being more inclusive towards those in the workforce who do not consume the substance.

“We’re in a situation where, in the name of inclusivity, one member of staff is being allowed to dictate what other members of staff can or cannot drink,” the unnamed civil servant reportedly told the newspaper.

Another worker within a government department reportedly said that they were forbidden from drinking at their totally-not-a-Christmas party, though is said to have attributed the ban to Boris Johnson’s myriad of controversies surrounding the drinking of alcohol at end-of-year bashes during lockdown, rather than some religious or woke cause.

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