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Alberta seizes power from ‘hostile’ federal government’s gun grab

Mike Campbell

Alberta Attorney General Tyler Shandro issued a stern notice to the Trudeau Liberals, announcing the province is seizing back constitutional power from the feds to protect legal gun-owners from being persecuted under Bill C-21.

“Albertans have had enough. So today we are taking action,” Shandro said.

“First, as Alberta’s attorney general, I have directed that the Alberta crown prosecution service takeover the handling of charges involving the Firearms Act starting January 1st 2023.”

He said as things currently stand, the federal government handles these matters.

Shandro’s announcement on Thursday effectively protects legal gun owners from suddenly becoming criminals if Bill C-21 comes into force.

Shandro said he sent a letter to the federal minister of justice to let him know of the shift of jurisdictional duties.

“Alberta’s crown prosecution service already has the expertise to take on this work, and any further resources will be provided.”

Shandro further stated that “a new protocol has been issued to crown prosecutors, which outlines how to handle charges related to the Federal Firearms Ban.”

He said Alberta’s new protocol instructs crown prosecutors not to pursue criminal charges for anyone in possession of a banned firearm if:


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