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Biden to End Natural Gas Use in Federal Buildings

By Lincoln Brown

Back in my single days when the internet was still kind of new, I dated a woman who was a receptionist. But she claimed that her true vocation, however, was as a desktop organizer.

That does not mean that she came into your office, rearranged your files, and found a better spot for the stapler. It meant she would sit down at your computer and rearrange the icons on the desktop of your computer for optimal positioning. And she was serious about it. She actually thought she could make a living doing it. Of course, she didn’t, but she married rich, so good for her. She also had a curious habit. She would click on anything and everything that came up on her computer. And it didn’t matter what it was or where it could lead, she would just click on it. I’m sure that while she did not make a career out of moving icons around screens, she probably keeps her local PC repair shop rolling in the dough.

She reminds me somewhat of the Biden administration — clicking on things and punching random buttons while hoping the system doesn’t blow up. One of the latest moves, which surfaced during what may well turn out to be one of the coldest winters in recent memory, is a decision by Biden to begin electrifying federal buildings while phasing out natural gas. A press release on dated Dec. 7 stated in part:

The Biden-Harris Administration, through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), today announced a new proposed rule to electrify and cut emissions from new or newly renovated federal buildings. Beginning in 2025, these facilities will be required to reduce their on-site emissions associated with the energy consumption of the building by 90% relative to 2003 levels. In 2030, the standard will fully decarbonize the on-site emissions in new federal buildings and major renovations. These measures will help advance the adoption of cleaner technologies for buildings that are necessary to achieving President Biden’s goal of net-zero emissions in all federal buildings by 2045.

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