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Latest Twitter Files Installment Shows That Twitter Aided The Pentagon With Psychological Operations

The so-called ‘Twitter Files’, which have been released in installments, show the internal communications of Twitter employees as they were deciding which Twitter accounts to censor and amplify, including the US President and news items such as the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The files have confirmed some of conservative’s worst fears about issues such as shadowbanning, the justification behind banning former President Donald Trump, and how the company basically made up rules as they went to justify suppressing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The latest installment goes beyond what even Twitter’s most significant detractors believed, indicating that the Department of Defense and Twitter employees coordinated to ‘whitelist’ accounts that were ran by the DoD for the purpose of psychological operations.

Whitelisting an account amplifies its reach without giving it an official blue checkmark.

The report indicates that Twitter ‘whitelisted’ various accounts ran by the Pentagon for the purpose of foreign psychological operations in the Middle East and Russia.

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