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‘Twitter Files’ Released to Date Are “Limited” in That They Avoid the Most Nefarious Item – The US Government Used Big Tech to Censor CONSERVATIVES

By Joe Hoft

The latest Twitter release was authored by The Intercept’s Lee Fang.  This is the same guy who was used in what was described as a “limited hangout” of recent reports of Big Tech censorship from the data provided to the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit against the government. 

What’s going on?  Why is Elon Musk allowing Lee Fang to report on the Deep State’s actions behind the scenes on Twitter?

Lee Fang started his career at far-left Soros Backed Think Progress.  This entity was designed for smearing conservatives through dishonest reporting.  (See TGP articles related to Think Progress)

Think Progress is no longer.  It closed its doors in 2019.  Lee Fang moved on to the Intercept and claims he’s been there since 2015.

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