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BEIJING BETSY Whistleblower: A Third of Betsy DeVos’ Wealth Comes from China

By Jim Hoft

Betsy DeVos took a role in the Trump administration for four years and angrily quit on her way out, claiming that she no longer believed in the President and that he was ‘unconscionable’ after the January 6th protest. Eighteen months later when she wanted a coveted endorsement for her primary candidate for Michigan Governor, she was handwriting a lying glowing letter saying that she always loved the President and was just misquoted.

The Gateway Pundit exclusively obtained Betsy’s lying handwritten letter when no other media outlet could, and after they copied our reporting and took the images, they never cited to your Gateway Pundit.

The shift in Betsy DeVos’ tone towards Trump, many in Michigan believe, was the start of a campaign to prep moderate RINO NeverTrumper Betsy DeVos to run for statewide office in Michigan either as the U.S. Senate candidate at the next opportunity or as the candidate for Governor in four years.


Yet her extensive financial ties to Communist China, which are mirrored by many other Michigan RINOs like RINO State Senator Mike Shirkey, have so far gone largely unnoticed.

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