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DeSantis Activates National Guard in Response to Surge in Illegals

By Margaret Flavin 

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an Executive Order activating Florida’s National Guard in response to the immigration crisis created by the Biden Administration.

Florida has faced a recent surge in illegals entering through the Florida Keys.

According to The Sun Sentinel,”At least 500 migrants have arrived in small boats along the Florida Keys over the last several days in what the local sheriff’s office described on Monday as a ‘crisis.’”

In a news release, the Governor’s Office shared:

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order (EO) 23- 03 (Emergency Management – Illegal Migration), activating the Florida National Guard, directing state law enforcement agencies and other state agencies to provide resources in support of local governments responding to the alarming influx of migrants landing in the Florida Keys, and providing additional support toward efforts to prevent further migrant landings on Florida’s shores.

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