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The Great Racket: the ongoing development of the criminal global system

by Paul Cudenec

My new book, The Great Racket: the ongoing development of the criminal global system, is a compilation of the more significant essays that I posted online during 2022, following the publication of my short philosophical book The Withway.

Currently available exclusively in pdf format, it can be downloaded for free here.

The Great Racket is a sequel to Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset, which features some of my writing from 2018 to 2021.

I did ask myself whether it was useful to put together this volume, given that the contents are already available online, sometimes on more than one website.

But, on reflection, I feel that placing them together in one volume restores to each essay a sense of context that can be lost in the busy churn of the internet.

Even on a personal level, I find it interesting and consolidating to scan down the list of contents and track the path along which my research and reflections led me over an intense 12-month period.

I was reaching, intuitively, towards this overview for the whole period, I now realise. Even in the first piece in this collection, The Monstrous Truth (March 15, 2022), a contribution to The Acorn bulletin, I was effectively setting out my personal mission for the months ahead: “Eventually, after layer after layer of artifice has been peeled away, we will see the horrible truth about the psychopathic mafia and the physical and psychological slavery they have imposed on us for so long”.

A key moment was the research I conducted into the man now known as King Charles III, who officially launched the Great Reset in 2020. In Charles’ empire: the royal Reset riddle (April 15, 2022), I unearthed a staggeringly complex web of financial interests built around the infrastructures bearing the royal branding, including organisations and individuals involved in criminal activity.

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