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What Does “Woke” Mean?…Here’s The REAL Definition The Left Won’t Want You To See

By Patty McMurray

“What does ‘woke’ mean?’

The question was asked by my pastor as he sat down at our table having post-Mass coffee.

“What does it mean, exactly?”

Interestingly, we all could tell him examples, but no one—me included—could give a succinct answer to his question.

He later gave us his understanding, which I think was something like ‘being nice to folks who are different.’ But I took his question in a more fundamental way. The guy is not a Jesuit, but I went to a school run by Jezzies, and that sort of direct, fundamental query of basic meaning is as Jesuitical as it comes.

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“What does ‘Woke’ mean?

Short answer?

All the dictionaries define the term as meaning “socially aware of injustice.” Yeah, yeah. That’s like defining Communism as “wanting to help people.” So I started down the rabbit hole road, and here are the general precepts.

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