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Please forward this across all boundaries – left, right, vaxxed, unvaxxed as this will affect us all:


Imagine a future where your personal health info is no longer private, & corporate & technocratic interests make secret deals with Govt. through Public Private Partnerships machinating for a Federally and/or Banking Regulated Digital Identity using invasive biometrics, facial recognition, with many personal details of your life embedded in the ID. Well, you may not have to imagine it for much longer, because govt is collaborating with international interests to enshrine this & much more into law through the CANADA HEALTH TRANSFER (CHT) Agreement being negotiated this week between the Provinces and the Federal Government, and other measures.


SAY NO NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN – CONTACT YOUR MP or MLA and your PREMIER’s OFFICE – they tell us they will not share our personal health info w/ the Federal Govt. through the CHT – But this is a TROJAN HORSE as they have ALREADY CREATED NUMEROUS NEW LAWS & PLATFORMS THAT DO ALLOW FOR THE SHARING OF OUR DATA, and this DATA is the PREREQUISITE to GETTING the FEDERALLY REGULATED DIGITAL IDENTITY OFF THE GROUND:(Please see links at end of this document)

NEW 10 Year CANADA HEALTH TRANSFER DEAL being finalized THIS WEEK: TRUDEAU is Coercing Provinces into Reforming Health Care in a complete Reset of our Health Care System The actual agreement is being kept under wraps…
BC’S Bill 36 REMOVES THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS ENTIRELY IN HEALTH CARE & REGULATION: Regulatory Colleges Completely Re- structured; Non-compliance results in Boards dissolved & a new Board appointed; Bylaws may be re-written, Search & Seizure without a Warrant; doctors fined & arrested for misleading info; State of Emergency declared in 1 one year intervals rather than 14 days; The Hon. Brian Peckford reviews Bill 36 at Easton Spectator.
DATA IS THE NEW OIL – & Our Personal Health Information is the hottest commodity of all. FEDERAL DIGITAL IDENTITY will depends on it. See“Digital identities for individuals, providers, and facilities … are a critical component of advanced health data systems AND The Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy



eID-Me uses EXTREMELY INVASIVE FACIAL RECOGNITION & BIOMETRICS as well as our deeply personal & private health information – it is now being rolled out in B.C., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, & Nunavit… These Provincial Digital ID’s are the precursor to Federal Digital Identity. Once in place they will facilitate limiting your transactions or your right to travel if you are in non-compliance.


The following infographic for a FEDERAL DIGITAL IDENTITY was taken off a Gov of Can website before it was removed. In its place is a vapid cartoon video describing how wonderful digital identity will be. I took this screenshot before it was taken down:


LINKS to GOVT DOCS Please Inform Yourselves – these are just a few of the new Laws, Acts, Legislations, & CHARTERS that facilitate the SHARING OF OUR PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION, and which will enable the long planned Federal Digital Identity. You could initiate a Freedom of Information Request on any DATA COLLECTED ON YOU. STATE IN WRITING THAT YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO YOUR DATA BEING PART OF ANY DATA BANK & Request to have it removed:

CANADA’S DIGITAL IDENTITY PLANS – The Treasury Board of Canada makes a Presentation to the 2018 INTERNATIONAL IDENTITY SUMMIT

E-HEALTH (PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION ACCESS AND PROTECTION OF PRIVACY) ACT : This new legislation establishes a “Health Information Bank”, access to which is granted to research applicants and international “partners”. Access to health care & other services may be dependent on this data as it connects us to our identification (secs. 4a & b). Curiously the words “ID” & “Complete Strategy” are part of the web address URL but not discussed in the actual text of this Act.

– BILL C-27 This Bill is the ultimate in double-speak, stating that they’ll “govern the protection of personal information of individuals while taking into account the need of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information in the course of commercial activities.

POPULATION DATA  “PopData is authorized to receive, store, manage, manipulate and further disclose data through Information Sharing Agreements”

CANADA’S 2022-2023 DEPARTMENTAL PLAN discusses UN SDGs, medical experimentation, “Agile Regulation” (a WEF term) of drugs which in essence means DEREGULATION of pharmaceuticals and which are OK’d by unnamed “foreign regulators and international…initiatives”, the establishment of a “world-class health data system”, monitoring & regulation of social media, “regulatory oversight of food”, and more.

The DATA STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE (DSC): This committee appears to have been created to facilitate  access to our data if that research is “related to declared Public Health Emergencies”. It was created under the -Health (Personal Health Information Access and Protection of Privacy) Act. “The committee members are appointed by the Minister of Health:

BC’s Totalitarian BILL 36 – if they get away with it here other provinces are sure to follow.

HEALTH DATA APPROPRIATION by the GOVT. OF CANADA – They work HARD to try to gain our trust in all these documents they put out, so it appears that our consent to having our personal info used for research purposes is actually still needed. They are literally wooing us in dozens of such reports, Charters, Acts, & Bills, telling us that protection of our privacy is paramount, all the while laying out the strategy for wide sharing of our data across boundaries and jurisdictions and even nations. See: Canada’s Digital Ambition 2022 to get started AND the Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy

The Hon. Brian Peckford’s Summation of Bill 36 which gives complete authoritarian control over health care in B.C.

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