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Trudeau Wants Total Control – Trudeau Megalomaniac

Free speech can’t be filtered through a bureaucratic superstructure

Free speech ensures that Canadians have the right to tell governments when they’re wrong. While this may be unpleasant for governments, it is absolutely vital in a democratic society.

Rather than strengthening Canadians’ rights, the Trudeau government wants to filter free speech through the lens of a bureaucratic superstructure. There can be no doubt that there are bad things on the internet. Child pornography, hate speech, and other such crimes are detestable. But these crimes are already labelled as such through the criminal code with lengthy prison sentences for those who are convicted.

Justin Trudeau is trying to control what Canadians see on the internet

The internet has been one of the greatest tools for the free flow of information in human history. But for our neighbors up north, it might not remain so useful for much longer — if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets his way.

Trudeau and his allies are pushing forward with legislation known as the “Online Streaming Act” that would enact government mandates controlling what Canadians see on major online platforms such as YouTube.

C-11 is now law and the internet is under government control

The law gives the government the power to control what we watch, read and listen to online

With the passage of Bill C-11 on Thursday, the future of the internet in Canada is up in the air.

Joe Rogan says Canada is ‘communist,’ calls Justin Trudeau a ‘sketchy guy’

“Canada’s communist,” Rogan, 54, said on the podcast. “They’re f—ked. They gotta get rid of that guy,” he said, referring to the prime minister.

Segura, 43, agreed, and said, “Canada’s crazy.”

The conversation about Canada lasted only a few minutes in the over three-hour episode.

Like his father, Justin Trudeau has an odd affection for murderous communist regimes

Pierre Trudeau was not a Maoist, but he had a vague affection for the tyrant’s regime, which he passed on to his son

There’s ample evidence to charge Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland with high treason and treason

Two intelligence reports provides ample evidence that Germany is Canada, the UK, the USA and Europe‘s enemy. These two intelligence reports provides ample evidence that Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have committed and are committing high treason and treason. Both assisted Germany, an enemy of Canada, wage COVID-19 biological warfare against Canada. Vaccines manufactured by Germany are biological weapons – contains SARS-CoV-2’s unique viral protein ORF10 and a modified spike protein that acts as a key to facilitate new coronavirus infections.

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