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Divided America – Media TDS – Trudeau Replacing Canadians

Obama’s Legacy Is a Weaker and More Divided America

In his farewell speech-cum-lecture earlier this month, President Barack Obama proclaimed that he made America better by “almost every measure.”

The statement goes far beyond optimism, and lands squarely in the realm of delusion.

Eight years of Obama’s leadership has left America demonstrably weaker and more divided. Rather than the promised “healing”—racial and other—the Obama era frayed the ties that bind us.

200 reasons why Obama is ‘worst president in history’

When readers see the new book, “The Worst President In History, the Legacy of Barack Obama,” liberals are likely to laugh at the list of 200 reasons. Conservatives are likely to think 200 is too few.

For authors and Obama critics Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan, the list seems to grow every day, and is the reason they have just updated their 2016 book.

Theirs is an account of the Democrat’s presidency and includes the controversies Obama waded into during his last months in office and first year in private life, like his administration’s effort to protect Hillary Rodham Clinton from prosecution over her private email server and controversial Clinton Foundation deals. Reason No. 200 cites the FBI’s anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias.

Can a divided America survive another immigration surge?

As May 11 draws to a close, a Trump-era measure which limited immigration to the United States, ostensibly because of the COVID-19 outbreak, and known as Title 42, will expire, and immigrants will then be free to enter the United States and seek asylum.

Already tens of thousands are lining up at the U.S.-Mexico border, or even making their way into the country surreptitiously in anticipation of the law change. The question remains: Is a deeply divided America prepared to deal with a major surge in immigrants?–1jIiTl6EKt2/index.html

Is “Trump Derangement Syndrome” a Real Mental Condition?

All you need to know about “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” or TDS.

Many clinicians, political commentators, and members of the public have speculated upon the mental health of President Donald Trump. Indeed, over 70,000 people self-identifying as “mental health professionals” have signed a petition declaring that “Trump is mentally ill and must be removed.” In sociological terms, the “medical gaze” has been hitherto focused on President Trump, and to a lesser extent his ardent supporters.

Justin Trudeau’s Mass Migration Scheme to Replace the Canadian Population

Globalist Trudeau wants to add 1.3 million immigrants over the next three years to Canada, a country with a population of under 39 million.

Erasing the Old Canada

According to Dan Murray, the creator of the Immigration Watch Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared war against his country, people, and culture. The World Economic Forum-controlled leader is welcoming an unprecedented level of immigrants that will have a massive and irreversible demographic impact on Canada. Trudeau had already increased his country’s excessive immigrant intake to stratospheric levels. Now the Globalist leader is setting an even higher target: 1.3 million over the next three years on a population of under 39 million.

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