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Canadistan Is Out of Control

New Survey Shows Growing Population Support for Euthanizing the Poor and Homeless – Number of Assisted Suicides Skyrockets Ten-Fold in Half a Decade to 10 Thousand People

The culture of death is creeping in many countries of the world. One of the most disturbing manifestations of this culture, along with abortion, is the rapid spread of Euthanasia and ‘assisted suicide’ in the last decade.

Nowhere is the lunacy of such policies showing its true face than Canada. The Justin Trudeau regime is taking the country right into a dystopian situation that is normalizing policies that allow (and encourage) people to make recourse of ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’ not because they have a terminal and painful disease or medical condition, but simply because they are poor and homeless.

National Post reported:

“One third of Canadians are apparently fine with prescribing assisting suicide for no other reason than the fact that the patient is poor or homeless.

The results were contained in a recent Research Co. poll probing just how comfortable Canadians were with the current state of the country’s MAID (medical assistance in dying) regime.

Starting in March 2021, Canada became one of only a handful of countries to legalize assisted suicide even in instances where a patient does not have a terminal illness. Ever since, a Canadian can be approved for MAID simply for having a ‘grievous and irremediable medical condition’.”

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