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Canada’s Tolerance Meter Just Broke

By Lincoln Brown

What happens when an unstoppable progressive force meets an immovable progressive wall? Apologies, for starters. Once again, Canada, America’s nutty neo-fascist neighbor to the north, has broken new ground in Leftist weirdness. As you know all too well at this point, it is Pride month here, there, and everywhere. And Canada is no exception.  The current ruling class of Canucks has never met a progressive mantra it didn’t enthusiastically embrace. But unlike a certain brand of peanut butter cups whose name I cannot mention, sometimes two great tastes don’t go great together.

As Pride Month kicked into gear, a teacher at Londonderry Jr. High in Edmonton unloaded on students who opted not to attend a Pride event.

This, ahem, educator apparently missed an important point about Islam. It is opposed to homosexuality. That may not be what she believes, but it is the reality. Of course, reality and progressivism have never gone hand-in-hand. Maybe she thinks that Islam is similar to the Western churches that have bent over backward to accommodate the LGBTQ lobby. Whether one agrees with the tenets of Islam or not, the prohibition against homosexuality is non-negotiable. The fact is that the students whose religion she claims to respect would not have been able to attend even if they wanted to go. The punchline is that she was so opposed to homophobia and transphobia that she resorted to Islamophobia. But can you blame her? With all of those flags, pins, signs, isms, marches, and protests, it must be practically impossible to remember what one is supposed to be supporting on any given day.


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