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Hail to the Brave Parents Who’ve Had Enough of the Sexualization of Children

By Raymond Ibrahim

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in this country is meekly submitting to the sexual grooming and indoctrination of schoolchildren.

Yesterday in Glendale, CA,

A huge fight [video] broke out outside the Glendale School Board meeting in Los Angeles as parents, many of them from the Armenian-American community, came to protest the school’s pride events. Naturally, the left-wing zealots—read “Antifa”—showed up in force, and as you will see, some serious punches were thrown on both sides. A heavy police presence attempted to stop the fighting, violently pulling apart combatants to prevent serious injury.

A very similar incident took place last October, when Muslim parents expressed their outrage at and vociferously condemned Dearborn school board officials for including books in school libraries that promote sexual deviancy (masquerading under euphemisms such as “pride,” “inclusivity,” etc.).

When the Dearborn outburst occurred last October, some observers thought that Muslims were somehow uniquely placed to stand against the lgb-whatever agenda—that Muslims, due apparently to some “innate” conservatism, could become the natural leaders of a coalition of concerned parents.

And yet, what the Armenians did yesterday—not just shout down but engage in an all-out brawl in defense of their children—was even more dramatic.


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