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“A War Crime” – Joe Biden Turns US into International Enemy #1

Will Send Thousands of Cluster Bombs to Ukraine Despite This Being Against US Law and Banned in 120 Countries

The Biden regime is doing its best to ruin the United States’ good name on the world stage. Biden has opened the border, flooded the US with millions of illegals, destroyed the US energy sector, blown up inflation, jailed political prisoners, indicted the top opposition candidate, cracked down on First Amendment rights, surrendered to the Taliban, armed the barbarians with 80 billion dollars in US equipment, pushed the world to the brink of World War III, and propped up an imbecile with dementia as leader of the free world.

The Biden administration recently decided to send thousands of cluster bombs to Ukraine despite these bombs being banned in 120 countries.

A year ago then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Russia’s alleged use of cluster bombs was a war crime.

It’s like Joe Biden and his handlers are doing their best to destroy to make America the bad guys.

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