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Massachusetts Democrats Introduce One of the Worst Anti-Second Amendment Bill in the Country: Extensive Firearm Restrictions

The Democratic Party in Massachusetts has introduced one of the strictest gun control bills ever seen in the United States and would take away “civil liberties.”

An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws (HD 4420), often dubbed as the ‘Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act’ by gun-rights advocates, was introduced by Democrat Rep. Michael Day of Stoneham to “stem the flow of illegal firearms into the Commonwealth and increase protections from gun violence for our communities.”

“We’re not trying to go after or criminalize proper license [holders], people who can responsibly carry a firearm,” Day told Boston25 News. “This is really intending to get at those that are evading our code of laws through the advancement of technology and criminal behavior.”

The 140-page document proposes sweeping changes to the state’s gun control laws. It aims to redefine assault-style firearms, broaden the term “firearm,” and prescribe stringent storage and registration regulations for guns.

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